Solution Partner Data Backup & Disaster Recovery Solutions

We offer three data backup solutions for medical practices and can assist in the selection process to insure the appropriate solution is implemented; that best practices are followed and that the risk factors associated with data loss are understood and mitigated.

How It Works

We will work with you to identify the backup data set and create an automated monitoring system to record the backup success on a daily basis. Scheduled backups are performed daily or nightly at a specified time. Both On-Line and Backup and Disaster Recovery solutions offer redundant, geographically separated backup sites to ensure complete data loss protection. Both offer remote systems monitoring and real-time client reporting mechanisms. All three options can support HIPAA compliance requires healthcare providers and facilities to store a copy of patient data securely off site.

Backup Plan

When choosing a backup solution, the client should consider:

  • Current and anticipated quantity of data to be stored
  • How much time the organization can afford to be 'down' in the event of disrupted access to data, hardware failure or facility failures.

Type - Tape Backup

Cost - $100 - 200+ per month *
Offsite - Requires transporting tapes off site and securely storing
Managed By - Client
Storage - Unlimited (Determined by media size/type)

Type - Backup and Disaster Recovery

Cost - $75+ per month
Offsite - Yes
Managed By - Solution Partner
Storage - Unlimited
* Tape Backup estimate includes tape drive, backup software, off-site storage costs, and tapes. Prices subject to change.

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