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Your practice relies upon electronic communication systems now as never before. As a result, your data is more vulnerable to security issues, and hardware/software malfunctions. To help affiliated practices overcome those risks, Solution Partner provides comprehensive monitoring, implementation and support services on a subscription basis. We take care of all software upgrades, security patches and virus protection.


Consider us your IT Department.

Our technical team will serve as your IT department, delivering high caliber technical expertise, anticipating your future IT requirements, and ensuring your systems are streamlined and efficient. From selecting computers and scanners to maintaining your communications network and phone lines, utilizing our services will reduce your costs through improved performance and reduced overhead.

Proactive Systems Maintenance

With the introduction of desktops and network infrastructures into medical practices, the management of these assets has become a strategic necessity. With Solution Partner, computer security, performance and network systems are constantly monitored allowing us to address issues before they occur. We monitor all network systems remotely 24/7 to ensure they are available and performing.

EMR Support Technicians

Solution Partner provides comprehensive solutions for all aspects of EMR implementation, network maintenance and ongoing computer support. We support all training and maintenance services locally, ensuring an efficient and rapid realization of the benefits of an integrated EMR. Our local and remote support services present a consistent point of contact and timely access to support via our web based help desk, telephone or email.

HIPAA Security Maintenance

Health professionals are required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to protect patient health information. At the same time they face an ever increasing patient demand for online access to their health records via patient portals. Our staff is HIPAA trained and can help you apply HIPAA standards to every aspect of your operation. We also ensure your patient data is protected from potential security threats such as spyware, hackers and viruses.

Technical Support

There are three ways to connect to the Solution Partner Help Desk. You can call our support line, where a technician will answer your call and work on your request. You can send an email to the Solution Partner Help Desk which is constantly monitored and integrated with our CRM system or you can log onto the support portal to submit a help desk ticket.

Local Support

Most support requests can be handled remotely by a Solution Partner technician. Our remote access tool allows them to take control of your computer to provide fast support and minimal interruptions to your employees. For those issues that need onsite support, a Solution Partner technician will be dispatched to your location.

Proactive Maintenance

Automated Checkups, Support and Updates

Solution Partner's remote monitoring systems automatically and seamlessly identify and correct issues on computers. The system installs security patches and updates on the client's software and submits real-time progress notes to Solution Partner electronically.

Security Updates

The security systems surrounding patient data can be an operational and legal challenge for health care professionals. With Solution Partner, your network will be maintained and monitored to ensure both you and your patients are protected.

Diagnostics/Health Monitoring

Our security and network monitoring systems deliver detailed diagnostic reports to Solution Partner technicians. These reports include information about each computer's configuration, allowing our technicians to provide customized support for your network.

Data Backup and Storage

Off-site data storage and backup systems are critical components of data management. With packages starting at just $69.95* a month, your data will be stored in an encrypted, HIPAA compliant format. The data will be copied automatically on a nightly basis, eliminating the risk of data loss due to backup failure, erasures, and accidental overwrites. This includes complex MSSQL and MYSQL databases and logs.

*Price subject to change.

EMR Support

Purchasing, Implementation and Support

Solution Partner Consulting provides comprehensive, IT implementation, infrastructure and maintenance solutions for medical practices in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada.
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